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Teach and earn by writing interactive stories. Online courses don’t have to be video playlists!

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Dear writer –

I’m Jim, founder of TigYog. Like you, I have fond childhood memories of learning from books.

But they said that video was the future of learning. That today’s kids won’t read. I believed them, and lost months with green screens and video editing tools. Perhaps you did too.

Well, they were wrong. The video course sucks. It’s just a digitized lecture hall with blurry slideshows. The ultimate passive learning environment! At least with the book, you could decide when to think and when to turn the page.

I believe writing is here to stay. But it needs modernizing for the way we teach and learn today.

With TigYog, I’ve spent one year reimagining the textbook. It’s less PDF, and more online course. Less end-of-chapter testing and more in-chapter puzzle-solving. Less one-way broadcast, more two-way conversation. Your readers will love you for it.

And I think you’ll love it too. Creating a course here is like writing in Word or Notion. So let’s put away our green screens, and get back to our keyboards. Because the book is not dead. It just needed an upgrade.

Jim Fisher's signature

Jim Fisher, 2022

What is TigYog? 🤔

It’s like writing a book with ...

A WYSIWYG editor just like Notion or Word. Type / to do anything.
Screenshot of editor, using / to insert something
Beautiful text and typography. Writing is humanity’s best invention. Fire can’t hold a candle to it.
Screenshot of text with colored math
Images for diagrams and illustrations. Supports SVGs. Optimizes images. Advanced dark mode.
Screenshot of a diagram between some paragraphs
Beautiful math with notation. (We even support macros!)
Screenshot of equations with emojis
Coming soon …
Markdown and git for writing, if you prefer that to WYSIWYGs.

... only, it’s an interactive book with ...

Buttons for questions, choices, and conversation. (Trust me, you only need multiple-choice! Tedious essay forthcoming.)
Screenshot of buttons between paragraphs
Responses show in response to buttons. Explain an answer, or take the reader down a different path.
Screenshot of editing responses to buttons
By default, a button is neutral. But you can mark it correct or incorrect with colors and sounds.
Screenshot of editing button correctness
No code. You’re writing, not programming. No variables or debugging.
Illustration of scribbled-out code

... and with the best bits of online courses:

User management with social sign-in gives you a list of learners that have bought or subscribed.
Screenshot of a button, "Sign In As Jim"
Progress bars on each chapter and course. TigYog remembers and syncs readers’ answers. (And no, editing doesn’t break it!)
Screenshot of a progress bar at 49%
A landing page to describe and sell your course. Pre-sell your course before you actually write it.
Screenshot of a button to buy a course
Feedback from learners: they can select anything and send you a private comment.
Screenshot of selected text, with a button under it labelled "Send feedback"
Coming soon …
Analytics show you where learners get stuck, bored or confused.
Coming soon …
Certificates let your learners show off their progress on their CVs, etc.

TigYog’s publishing platform gives you

Hosting for everything: text, images, payments, users, etc. You just write.
Screenshot of button 'Publish changes'
Payments to your bank account using Stripe. Five-minute setup.
Screenshot of Stripe dashboard
A flexible paywall to control how much of a chapter to show for free.
Screenshot of paywall in chapter
An email newsletter to contact your readers about new chapters or other updates.
Screenshot of email from TigYog course
Coming soon …
A custom domain like gives your course a memorable home.

And last but not least, there’s

Jim could be TigYog’s best feature. I’ll try to help with anything, even writing and promotion.
Photo of Jim

People seem to like TigYog


Lots of platforms wanted to convert my book Everyday Data Science into a course. But nothing felt right … until TigYog came along with this fun unique format that perfectly suited my writing. Since then, Jim has helped at each step. He built features as I needed them, advised me writing, and helped with promotion. Now readers message me all the time saying how much they love the fun, interactive format. Oh, and I’ve earned thousands of dollars doing it! And it’s still early days!

Andrew Carr, author of Everyday Data Science

I find myself irritated by how effective this method of instruction is. I’m not sure which is more annoying: going through years of education without these kinds of tutorials, or not having come up with this method myself, when it’s so close to the dumbed-down edutainment software of the 90’s. [I think that’s a compliment? — Jim] Every university course should start with at least a day of instruction written in this style.

StrictDabbler, on Hacker News

We usually teach math so horribly wrong. I vote for the TigYog way: teaching with storytelling between the content and the learner. It feels like stacking components on top of each other. I used to explain Thompson sampling to people by using an Excel model, but from now on I’m just sending them to TigYog!

Kurt Dicus, Portable Consultants

Write your first lesson!

Pricing 💸

You can use all features and hosting for free, forever. If you charge for your course, TigYog takes a 20% commission. No hidden fees: we only make money when you do. Get in touch to discuss other pricing options.