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Learn math and science with fun interactive courses, or create your own: it’s just blogging with buttons!

What is TigYog? 🤔

Online courses don’t have to be video! Studying a TigYog course is like reading a book with interactive puzzles mixed into it. The vibe is “a uni textbook, a text adventure, and a Duolingo course walk into a bar”. Here’s what it feels like to learn and write on TigYog:

Write on TigYog! ✍️

Creating a course on TigYog is like blogging, but it’s much more fun and people will pay you for your work! Put away that camera and green screen, and focus on writing content instead. Try it out: write your first lesson!

Pricing 💸

You can use all features and hosting for free, forever. If you charge for your course, TigYog takes a 20% commission. Get in touch to discuss other pricing options.